Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

garden safari

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup by Kitchen Club Kids is a wonderful book to teach your child healthy eating, help build vocabulary, and work on sequencing through cooking. The Kitchen Club Kids created books to help children get involved in the kitchen and created simple stories that incorporated rhyming words, an engaging story, bright clear … [Read more...]

Reading Picture Books using the Common Core Curriculum

Reading Time with Core

Do you have a child that is preschool age or in kindergarten? How about just beginning 1st grade? Do you want to help carry over some skills that your child is learning in the classroom? Do it when reading books to your child! These standards are for kindergarten but can be worked on with a older preschooler if they are ready. Many beginning … [Read more...]

Jake Starts School

jake starts school

Has your child ever attached themselves to your leg and it felt impossible to remove them? Jake Starts School by Michael Wright is a funny and sweet tale of a boy named Jake who is anxious about leaving his parents to start school. He is so anxious he actually clings to his parents so tight they can't pry him off! He can't do anything in school … [Read more...]

The Princess Panda Tea Party: A Cerebral Palsy Princess Tale


The Princess Panda Tea Party: A Cerebral Palsy Princess Tale is a sweet story of a young girl with Cerebral Palsy, who fulfills her dream of winning a scholarship despite her physical limitations. Michelle lives in an orphanage with many other girls who are unkind to her, which makes her feel isolated and dis-empowered. One night when Michelle … [Read more...]

Flourless Chickpea Chocolate Loaf

chickpea chocolate loaf final

Are you looking to sneak some nutrients into your child’s dessert? Try these chickpea mini chocolate loaves made with an entire can of chickpeas. The taste is mild with no “bean” taste, just a nice fudgy, chocolate flavor. The texture is slightly crumby so you may be cleaning up a small trail of crumbs after your little one! My son won’t go near … [Read more...]

Picture Books that Encourage a Child to Tell the Truth

lying smaller collage

Does your child always tell the truth? Have you ever caught your little one telling a white lie? Have you ever been a caught in a lie? Well, these three books are for you! Even if your child always tells the truth, it is valuable for them to learn about what lying is and the consequences to that particular behavior. I like these three books that I … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Overnight Oatmeal Bread with Chia

chia bread

Are you dairy free? Are you looking for a healthy breakfast or some good ideas for a lunchbox? Try this overnight oatmeal bread with chia seeds. Want to add dairy? Substitute the almond milk with low fat buttermilk! Want to reduce the sugar? Use unsweetened almond milk instead of vanilla almond milk. This bread is slightly sweet (add more sugar if … [Read more...]

Gravitybread presents Elizabeth Sautter

Elizabeth Sautter

I  am thrilled to present Elizabeth Sautter, co author of Whole Body Listening Larry at School and Whole Body Listening Larry at Home. Elizabeth is a speech language pathologist who is also the co-director/co-owner of Communication Works (, a private practice in Oakland, California, offering speech, language, social, and occupational … [Read more...]

What is the best method when reading to your child?

Story time

For this month of Research Tuesday, I decided to choose two articles addressing the best way to read picture books aloud to your young child. I found these articles very interesting and extremely helpful in reinforcing the importance of getting your child involved in book reading time. There have been many times that I have been told through my … [Read more...]

10 “Grown Up” Sensory Activities for an Older Child and/or Teenager

sensory older child

Do you have an older child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Do you need some fresh ideas for your older child to help meet their sensory needs? Finding ideas of sensory activities for a young child is pretty easy because there are so many resources out there. However, many of these activities are not appropriate for an older child, … [Read more...]