No Bake Fig and Banana Bites

fig and banana bites

Are you a fig lover? I love figs and hate wasting them, especially when they are overripe and too soft to eat fresh. Figs are also expensive which makes them even more difficult to waste. I decided to try making them into granola bites for a healthy snack. If you prefer a sweeter bite, add more maple syrup. If you don't like a sweet granola … [Read more...]

The Letter

the letter

Are you looking for a book to help boost your child's self esteem?  The author of this book, The Letter by N.D. Byma contacted me regarding his children's book, titled The Letter. From his email, I could tell how passionate he was about his book and the impact he wanted it to have on children when reading it. When I first read this book to my … [Read more...]

The Most Magnificent Thing

the most magnificant thing

Does your child get frustrated often? Many children, specifically children with ADHD get frustrated often and have a difficult time sticking with an activity due to low frustration tolerance. I came across this book titled, The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires, which can be an excellent tool in helping a child who has trouble sticking with … [Read more...]

What Does It Mean To Be Present?


Do you ever feel like you live life just thinking about what's next? Do you find yourself rushing all the time?  If we have a hard time with this as adults, what does it mean to be "present" for our children? In this busy world of technology, we don't often have a free moment to just sit and enjoy. We usually take those moments to check email, text … [Read more...]

Gravitybread presents Olive Senior

Olive Senior

I am happy to present the author of Anna Carries Water, Olive Senior. I really enjoyed the book, Anna Carries Water because it can teach our children about different cultures, customs and appreciation for the most basic things that many children and adults take for granted. To check out my review and sample questions to ask your children when … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Display Books

Card with books on bookshelves in flat design style.

How do you organize your books? Here are some fresh ideas! In my own home, both children and adult books are organized more traditionally on a bookshelf, a file box on our kitchen table and placed casually on the coffee table. I love these suggestions given by my guest poster today, Jane Blanchard from Modernize. Jane Blanchard is a blogger, … [Read more...]

MimiQ Card Game

mimi q cards

Do you have a child with childhood apraxia or speech? Does your child have trouble imitating movements, sounds or facial expressions? Are you looking for a fun and simple game that will help your child work on imitation, following directions and turn taking? Try this game called MimiQ. I bought this game at a toy store a couple of months ago … [Read more...]

Using Co-Speech Gestures to Build Language During Storytime

gesture picture

Do you have a child with an early language delay? Would you like to learn a new strategy that can help your child learn new vocabulary? Try using co-speech gestures! I found an interesting article written by Nina Capone Singleton and Jessica Saks (2015) titled Co-Speech Gesture Input as a Support for Language Learning in Children With or Without … [Read more...]

Gravitybread presents Monica Wellington

monica wellington collage

Do you want to teach your child a different language? How about expose his or her to artwork in Paris with a fun and engaging app? I  am excited to present children's book writer and illustrator, Monica Wellington. Monica is a talented author and illustrator with over 40 books in print including Crêpes by Suzette and Colors for Zena. Both her … [Read more...]

Anna Carries Water

Anna Carries Water

Do you want your child to learn about different cultures? How about appreciating clean water? I went to an author event a couple of months ago at a local bookshop for The Monkey Balloon and had the pleasure of meeting Laura James, the illustrator for this beautiful book, Anna Carries Water. Anna Carries Water written by Olive Senior is about a … [Read more...]